About us

Our story starts in 2016 when Nadi Solutions became part of the BRD Group of companies. Following 2 years of solution development we have since onboarded major fund administrators and other fund financial services actors.

Today our solution is used in  10+ jurisdictions.

With a team of 20+ industry experts we collaborate for technical developments in long-term partnerships with external specialists ensuring a competitive technological advantage and rapid time-to-market.

Our vision is to be recognized as European leader for fund related financial and regulatory reporting.


Nadi Solutions acquired by BRD Group


2 Clients
Financial reporting jurisdictions Belgium, Italy, Liechtenstein


4 Clients
Financial reporting expansion to Luxembourg


5 Clients
Financial reporting expansion to Switzerland and Austria


6 Clients
Real Estate Private Equity financial reporting services


8 Clients
Financial reporting services expansion to France
Regulatory reporting services for Luxembourg and France


Servicing major financial institutions for fund related financial and regulatory reporting in 10+ jurisdictions


Recognised leader in Europe for fund related financial and regulatory reporting

Our values

Focus on our Clients

Satisfied users, and all else will follow

Focus on our People

People make the difference

Focus on our Vision

Doing one thing and doing it well

Committed to the Environment

Promote sustainability

Automation and flexibility are key requirements for a state-of-the-art reporting software.

Having a SaaS solution in place enables us to focus on our core business, knowing that IT specialists take care of running the system 24/7.

We appreciate very much the client orientation and fast response times of Nadi, as service and time is money in financial business.

LLB Fund Services AG

We're always looking for fund reporting specialists to join our team

See the job section of our website or contact us for a spontaneous job application. We look forward to hear from enthusiastic candidates interested in joining our dynamic team

Our team

The nadi team brings together strong experience in the production and management of reports and documents relating to investment funds as well as advanced technological skills. We use the new possibilities offered by technology to overcome constraints.

Our clients

Our clients are international companies that are recognized for their commitment to excellence in products and services.