One Platform for all your reporting needs

Nadi is a unique Regtech platform that automates the production of fund-related reports and documents from a single source of data.



Multi-accounting GAAP, customized preview screens, breakdown and chart capabilities, adaptable data-model, multiple portfolio presentation



Automated data import and coherence checks, business rules with retriggering functionality when data changes, tailored controls, dashboards and workflows



Hosted on ISO certified Tier IV Cloud service providers, full audit trail with export capabilities, granular user access controls

How does it work? 

Designed to empower asset servicers and managers to stage, produce and manage all investor documents, regulatory and fund reporting in a simple way

Nadi enables firms to focus on their core business activities using an advanced data enabled SaaS solution that is efficient and cost-effective.

Your static and dynamic data is mapped to our data-model which is linked via computation rules to the different reporting templates.

Tailored controls, workflows and dashboards allow end-users to focus on corrections of deviations and failed controls, within the application or via updated data imports that will automatically retrigger computations.

Once completed, reports can be downloaded and submitted in different formats such as Word, PDF, Excel or XML.

External acknowledgements or validations can be included in the data-import and integrated in the workflow and status.

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