Take the Stress out of Fund Reporting


Automate data import

Static and dynamic data from your sources is imported via our uploader and scheduler and mapped to our data model


Standardise templates

We setup your regulatory and financial reporting templates and link them with predefined rules to our data model


Tailor controls, workflows and dashboards

We design the controls, workflows and dashboards that allow your end-users to manage their daily operations in the most efficient manner

How nadi works

You provide the data, we provide the reports.

nadi is a SaaS based RegTech solution that automates the production of fund-related reports and documents from a single source of data.

Our secure cloud based solution automates the production of fund related reports,  such as for example:

  • Financial reporting
    annual, semi-annual and quarterly report

  • Regulatory reporting
    AMF, AFG, BDF, CSSF, BCL, Cerfa forms, Fatca/CRS, KIID

  • Investor reporting
    Prospectus, Factsheets


Why use nadi?

nadi has been designed to empower asset servicers and managers to stage, produce and manage all investor documents, regulatory and fund reporting in an automated and simplified way.


Increase Productivity

Automated solution minimising need for manual interventions

Import your data and let nadi do the rest. All documents are generated from centralized data, with tailored controls, dashboards and workflows to allow end-users to focus on deviations instead of data manipulations

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Increase Quality

Centralized data retrieved from different sources

Automated mapping of your data and your reports, reducing manual data manipulations, and tailored data controls, increasing the data coherence and quality of the reports

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Increase Control

Tailored automated controls and dashboards

Automated controls, dashboards and workflows, tailored to client needs, allowing operational end-users to closely monitor the status, progress and completion of the reports from initiation to dissemination

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A global leader for fund related financial and regulatory reporting.

We have a strong position in the European market providing fund reporting services in over 10 countries.

We are focused on high-quality long-term relationships where we can work openly and collaboratively in an environment where our nadi solution delivers significant value to clients.

We know from experience that alignment of solution fit, subject matter expertise, deployment approach, communication and culture are the keys to delivering high-value client outcomes and a healthy and innovative engagement.