About us

Nadi Solutions is a Luxembourg-based RegTech firm, born in 2013 from the recognition of industry veterans who foresaw the need to simplify the intricate process of fund report production, review, and distribution. The genesis of our software application,"nadi", was a collaboration between Nadi Solutions, the University ofLuxembourg, and the PwC Accelerator initiative.

Fast forward to 2016, Nadi Solutions took an evolutionary leap under the strategic acquisition by BRD Investments Sarl and the leadership of Bertil Rouveure, former co-owner of Multifonds, who capitalised on the unification of cutting-edge SaaS technology, business knowledge, and 30+ years of funds experience

Today, our team of 20+ multi-lingual professionals are the heartbeat of Nadi Solutions. This ensemble of industry practitioners, engineers, and creative technologists is dedicated to delivering best practice outcomes for our clients.




Nadi Solution creation

and registration

in Luxembourg


Launch of BRD

Acquisition of Nadi Solutions
by BRD Group

Decision to rebuild nadi



New version of nadi finalised

Integration of existing client
within the new nadi


New Start

Becoming ALFI Member

Entrance in the market

New client acquisitions



Increase scope of reports

Next major client acquisitions in EU

New client in Private Equitiy area



Group approach

New nadi capabilities

A lot more to come...

Our team

The Nadi team brings together strong experience in the production and management of reports and documents relating to investment funds as well as advanced technological skills. We use the new possibilities offered by technology to overcome constraints.

Our values

At Nadi Solutions, our ethos revolves around delivering exceptional value to our clients. This is achieved through the harmony of our innovative solutions and a culture that encourages challenging the status quo.

Client Centricity

Our utmost priority is client satisfaction –it's the compass that guides all our endeavours.

Empowering Our Team

We believe that our people are our strongest asset. Their diverse talents and commitment are what set us apart.


We are steadfast in our mission to excel in our domain, adhering to the philosophy of mastering one thing and doing it exceptionally well.

Sustainability Advocate

Our commitment extends beyond just business; westrive to promote sustainability and contribute positively to the environment.

Automation and flexibility are key requirements for state-of-the-art reporting software.

Having a SaaS solution in place enables us to focus on our core business, confident that IT experts are managing the system round-the-clock.

We appreciate the client orientation and fast response time of Nadi, as service and time are money in the financial business.
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