One year partnership celebration Nadi/Flusso


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Jerri Schrijver


June 23, 2023

One year partnership celebration Nadi/Flusso

Finding  a perfect match is always a great feeling. From the first moment we met, Nadi  and Flusso had the same positive vibe and we are building up towards a solid  and professional partnership; Nadi as the domain expert and Flusso the  technical translator.

In March 2022 Nadi and Flusso team met in the renovated farm office of Flusso to celebrate the first year of the partnership and to set the scene for the future.

We used the occasion to collaboratively align on upcoming major releases and future deliveries, with 2022 focus on

  • Enhanced template management functionality - new technologies to create and manage reporting templates, increasing quality and reducing time to market
  • Standardized data-model - move towards market standard data-model increasing scalability of our solution
  • Optimized custom preview screens - increased response times and user experience

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