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Insourcing of report production activities for 300+ reports per year using the Nadi application resulted in increased quality and coherence of reports paired at reduced costs and increased productivity

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January 2019


Our client had previously outsourced financial and regulatory reporting activities to a third party service provider which resulted in a headcount reduction of 1 FTE.

The client was challenged by poor quality, unmet deadlines and drastic cost increases that did not justify the overall savings and accordingly decided to bring the financial reporting activities back in-house.

The Nadi solution was selected to manage the daily operations.

Project outcome

Following the full migration of the financial and regulatory reporting activities to Nadi, the client managed to produce the full scope of reports with a team of 5 FTE, focusing on report production and coordination of the audit process:

  • Full automation of the production workflow with limited manual interventions for exceptions and failed tailored controls
  • Centralized management of data and modifications
  • Increased productivity resulting in absorption of a volume increase from 170 report to 300 reports within the existing team
  • Quality and coherence of reporting increased using tailored automated controls, dashboards and workflows

Achieved benefits

Absorption of a volume increase of 75% without additional headcount due to increased quality of reports and accordingly reduced manual intervention requirements

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We are proud to offer an innovative solution that enable our customers to manage increasinaly important reporting issues in a simple way, by allocating fewer resources, and working with a small team.

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