Increase Quality

Centralized data retrieved from different sources

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Increase Quality

nadi solutions

Taking the stress out of fund reporting

  • SaaS Solution

  • Automated Production

  • Controlled Flexibility

  • Efficient Risk Management

Increase Quality

The Challenge

Data from different sources is manually captured and integrated in reports

  • High-risk of error
  • Changes are not captured
  • Controls are often manual or time consuming

Our response

No more need to copy and manipulate data from different sources into Excel spreadsheets or Word documents. Our cloud based solution automatically imports your static and dynamic data and maps into our data-model without user interventions.

  • Automated pre-import data file structure, verification and content controls
  • Tailored pre-import "cleaning" of data file content
  • Automated re-triggering of computations when source data is changed

Other benefits:

Increase Control

Increase Productivity

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