Increase Control

Tailored automated controls and dashboards

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Increase Control

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Taking the stress out of fund reporting

  • SaaS Solution

  • Automated Production

  • Controlled Flexibility

  • Efficient Risk Management

Increase Control

The Challenge

Managing a production with several counterparties via various communication channels is complex and requires a lot of effort

  • Checklist completion done on printed document is time-consuming
  • Commenting drafts on PDF and exchanging via mail generate a risk of loss of information
  • Decision-making is difficult during production due to a lack of monitoring at detail level
  • Lack of traceability in the computed result compared to the source of data

Our Response

  • Tailored, exception based verification rules allow focus on discrepancies in report information
  • Dedicated dashboards to monitor status of KPI's and progress of production projects at any time
  • Tailored workflows giving full control of the reporting lifecycle
  • Centralised platform where all parties involved can act, with a complete audit trail accessible for all
Other benefits:

Increase Productivity

Increase Quality

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