Increase Productivity

Automated solution minimising need for manual interventions

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Increase Productivity

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Taking the stress out of fund reporting

  • SaaS Solution

  • Automated Production

  • Controlled Flexibility

  • Efficient Risk Management

Increase Productivity

The Challenge

Drafting financial and regulatory reports for investment funds can be a manual and time consuming exercise.

  • Data is collected from multiple data sources and manually integrated in spreadsheets and documents
  • Changes in source data require manual modifications in existing reports
  • Reporting templates are not standardized and copied manually from previous periods for updates

Our Response

Our cloud based solution aims to automate the process, reducing manual interventions and allowing end-users to focus efforts on exceptions and failed controls.

  • Automated data import from different sources within your organization, linked to our standardized data model
  • Tailored computations of financial and statistical report information
  • Automated regeneration of reports documents on detection of changes to related information
  • Automated re-computation of calculated values on detection of changes to related information
Other benefits:

Increase Quality

Increase Control

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